Port Townsend, WA

This past Saturday we took a drive north on Highway 101 to Port Townsend. It was our first time visiting the small port town, and the 2-hour drive from Olympia is very beautiful. The two-lane highway is full of slow vehicle turnouts, so a steady 45mph cruise along the curvy road can be done to really enjoy the scenery.


There are many curves along Hood Canal that show off the evergreen scenery, so pretty. For most of the drive, Highway 101 hugs the beaches of Hood Canal, water everywhere.


It was raining off and on throughout the entire drive north. Sometimes just a light mist, other times full on down pours. The rain totally adds to the mood of the drive. It always puts a smile on my face to be driving through this climate!


Thanks to my wife for shooting the previous three photos for me as I drove. So much to look at the entire way. As we arrived and drove through the center of Port Townsend (wow, incredible old buildings downtown and uptown), we came across what looked like an old military base of some kind. It turned out to be Fort Worden, now a Washington State Park.


We checked out the visitor center/gift shop really quick, then continued on out towards the beach area. There we found the Point Wilson lighthouse and Battery Kenzie. What a great example of Puget Sound military defense history, and it’s completely open to exploration! The beach surrounding the area is beautiful. We recently purchased the Washington State Discover Pass, so we were able park and spend some time here.


We took a nice long walk along the coast, our first since moving to Washington a few months ago. The rocky coastline of the PNW is so relaxing and uplifting. Only a handful of people were out walking along the beach, so it was very quiet and peaceful.


After the nice long beach walk, we drove back into the center of town and ate fish and chips for lunch at Sea J’s Cafe. I highly recommend this spot if you’re ever in the area (yummy and affordable). After a delicious meal we drove through uptown real quick and then parked to walk around downtown a while. I didn’t get any photos, but the Victorian era downtown is amazing! Check out my wife’s blog post here to read more about the drive and to see photos of the architecture.


The drive home was just as amazing, seeing everything from a Southbound view point along Highway 101. The Port Townsend drive was an awesome weekend adventure, I can’t wait to go back some day and explore even more of the area. Have you been to Port Townsend? Share your story in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

iPhone 5s photos edited with the Hipstamatic app (Jane lens, Irom 2000 film)

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