Woodard Bay Conservation Area, Olympia, WA

Over this past weekend we took a walk through Woodard Bay Conservation Area, just north of Olympia. And we actually got our son out of the house and on the trail with us, nice! This area is a piece of local logging history, it was nice to learn a bit about that and all the critters that call this area home.


The trail from the small parking area to the logging railroad jetty is a nice wide paved trail that wanders through tall, mossy trees. There’s a side trail that goes through a Newt breeding area, sounds interesting, and we’ll have to take that trail next time. Lots of great bird action along the main trail, we even saw a chipmunk.

When you get out to the end of the trail, what’s left of the old logging railroad jetty lays out into the bay in front of you. It turns out that a colony of bats calls this place home now. My wife wants to go back in the evening to see the bats fly out for the evening to score some dinner, and I agree, that would be cool to see.


There’s a few picnic tables and a reproduction logging foreman cabin for education purposes on site. Down a side path is another viewing area with benches where you can relax and just take in the nature and peaceful water ways. I could stay there for hours and just listen to the birds and look out for otters, etc.


Unfortunately, since the park is a conservation area, you must stay on trails and cannot walk along the beach. But, it’s beautiful and peaceful, so that’s just fine.


Do you know of any other spots in the south sound area like this? Comment below, thanks for reading!

iPhone 5s photos edited with the Hipstamatic app (Jane lens, Irom 2000 film)

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