Tumwater Falls, Olympia, WA

Cinco de Mayo afternoon we took a short drive over to Tumwater Falls Park. The upper and lower falls of the Deschutes River empty out into the very southern end of the Puget Sound in the heart of Olympia. It’s the home of two derelict Olympia Beer breweries and a great little trail that makes you forget you’re right in the center of town.


There are two upper falls that have a few pieces of dead fall hanging around, I’m sure someday they will rot away or be hit by other pieces and swept downstream. The sound of the falling and rushing water is so relaxing. The latter of the two beer breweries is perched right above the upper falls. It has tons of broken windows in what would have been pretty coveted office spaces back in the day.


My wife claims to have seen a salmon making a jump for it, as soon as we arrived. I joked that she was telling me a fish story, but she was sure of what she saw. There were quite a few salmon steps along this part of the river due to the falls.


The lower falls were just as cool to see, and had a couple different vantage points. There was a foot bridge over the falls that led to a trail on the other side of the river and to a small side-spring waterfall. Below the main waterfall there was a great viewing deck that was in a constant misty spray from the falls.


After that, the river makes a short trip past the original beer brewery and then on to Capitol Lake and into the sound. Such a great park in the middle of our city. We want to go back and explore the area on a foggy or wet morning in the future.


Here’s a link to my wife’s blog post, check out her take of Tumwater Falls, Washington.

iPhone 5s photos edited with the Hipstamatic app (Jane lens, Irom 2000 film)

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