Burfoot Park, Olympia, WA

This past Sunday we decided to check out the area north of Olympia called Boston Harbor Marina. We wanted to maybe get an ice cream and walk along the rocky shore. Unfortunately the soft serve ice cream machine was turned off for the day. Also, the marina’s shore area was pretty small, including a small boat launch on one side and a tiny beach area on the other.


On the way to Boston Harbor, we had driven past two parks that looked interesting; Priest Point Park and Burfoot Park. We decided on Burfoot which was maybe a mile before Boston Harbor. This is a Thurston County park that looks out onto Budd Inlet. Besides having a huge inner grassy park area, there are several trails that all end up at the beach.


The trails are very cool. Dense, mossy forest and ferns everywhere! Some trails have casual grades while others have steep steps, choose your own adventure. The weather was pretty sunny this day, but these trails would definitely come alive in a more moody atmosphere. As you get to the beach area, signs for poison oak are posted, so stay alert.

The beach is a rocky shore with tons of clams spitting streams of water straight into the air, some several feet. To the south you can see the top of the Washington State capitol building. While we were there, low tide was happening and there were tons of things to look at while exploring.


Even for a warm sunny day, there were’t very many people on the beach. As we were wandering around, most had left and had been replaced by a couple of people arriving to watch the sun set. Since it was our first time at this park, we didn’t know exactly when the gates would shut at the designated ‘dusk’ closing time, so we headed back to the car, along the mossy forest trail.


Next time we’ll stay and watch the sun set, since it seems to be a popular spot for that. As long as we’re out of the park by nightfall we should be fine.


This park will definitely be on our list for many future visits, as it’s very close to home. Can’t wait to go back and explore around more! Thanks for reading.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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