Ramblings #1

I recently decided to move from my iPhone 5s to a Panasonic Lumix LX5 compact camera to practice photography during adventures around town. I really enjoy shooting RAW files and making adjustments later, using Adobe’s Lightroom. The iPhone 5s has a really fun camera, especially when combining it with the Hipstamatic, Mextures and Snapseed apps for editing. But, the files are limited to JPG format since there is no access to a RAW file.

So my only other option already in the house, is the DSLR. The size of the camera is fine for going around town, but the body is about three pounds by itself. Add a lens and the L-bracket I keep on it, and I don’t even want to think about going around town carrying that thing. So I started researching small, compact cameras with RAW file shooting ability. After dawdling around for weeks without making a decision, one of the local Lumix LX5’s on OfferUp was reduced in price. I went for it.


The camera is tiny, very tiny. But it’s in like-new condition and takes really nice photos! I’m just having to learn to wrap my fat fingers around the thing without touching the screen or other buttons by mistake. But it’s been with me on our last couple outings and I’m really liking it. It weighs in at almost nothing, and the wrist strap keeps it secure and right off my hand. So now I have the ability to shoot great quality RAW files with a camera that only weighs a few ounces!


This past Monday, Memorial Day, we took a walk around Burfoot County Park during low tide at sunset. I brought a G.I. Joe action figure to do some test shots with. I found some driftwood along the beach and set up a pose or two. The golden light peaked through the clouds and lit up the driftwood and figure nicely. While the small sensor doesn’t take as crispy a photo as the DSLR, for blogging and small print purposes, it’s perfect.

Here’s another shot of the G.I. Joe figure named Tunnel Rat. The sunset light was so soft and perfect.


As the sun started to dip down behind some clouds to the West, I got this shot of a sail boat anchored just off the beach. The sunset was pretty nice, and with the Raw editing ability, I was able to mess with it just a bit, to get this nice warm purplish toned pic.


…So, pretty happy with this little camera. I still have a lot to learn about it’s different functions and abilities, but it should be fun figuring them all out!

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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