Macro Photography at Tolmie State Park – Part One

Last weekend we spent Sunday evening at Tolmie State Park. When we arrived, we noticed that most people had already left for the day. We saw the tide was high, so the shore area was very small. I guess that bums a lot of people out, so they leave. I think it’s just fine because with a smaller area to explore, you can concentrate a bit more on the details.


I decided to try out some macro photos with the Lumix’s macro lens setting. Besides a handful of driftwood on the beach, there was a lone Foxglove in the bushes along the shore. I saw that the tip of the plant looked interesting a tried out a shot. I don’t know if the tiny fibers around the new growth are part of the plant or a spider’s web.


Then I moved down to the super bright pink petals towards the bottom of the plant. I found a couple of interesting petals and took a shot. In person I hadn’t even noticed the tiny hairs along the lips of the petals. But the lens picked them up nicely, very cool. These flowers were so bright to the camera sensor, I had to actually bring the saturation down a bit. All the little spots inside the flower also looked really interesting once I opened the files at home.


At some point while walking along the water, my wife showed me this rock with a single barnacle living on it. It had a lone piece of black sand sitting on top of it. I didn’t even see that until later, as I had the photo open on my screen. I like the way the little guy’s coloring pops off the black rock it’s connected to. Even managed to get a bit of sunset light on the side of the rock.


In part two of this evening walk at Tolmie, I’ll post up some driftwood macro shots that I found while walking around the area at high tide.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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