Macro Photography at Tolmie State Park – Part Two

So part two of my macro photography at Tolmie State Park concentrates on the wood textures I found while enjoying a short high-tide walk with my wife. As I mentioned last week, the high tide made for a quiet, empty beach. Not complaining.

The first wood texture I came upon was this knot on a power pole looking piece of wood. The circular lines looked pretty cool, and once I looked at the pic on the desktop, I noticed all the tiny grains of sand within the cracks.


The next piece of wood I got a photo of, was this big weathered tree stump that is a favorite of my wife’s. I got the camera down low and tried to get a little bit of water and sky inside the hole. The shape of the wood looks like the skull of a big lion or tiger.


This third wood texture ended up looking alright. On the camera’s screen, I didn’t notice the moss (or algae) showing up too well. But it was there in the end, and the subtle bit of color on the wood looks really nice to me.


The final photo I got is my favorite, because of the nice curving lines in the wood. What helps is the Lumix’s macro lens effect making you concentrate just in the center of the photo where the lines are strongest.


It was a really nice evening at Tolmie, so peaceful and relaxing. A great way to finish up the weekend on a Sunday night.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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