Macro Photography – Caterpillar

I was sitting on a piece of driftwood during the middle of a relaxing Sunday evening walk along the shore of Tolmie State Park with my wife, when I looked down and saw this little caterpillar crawling up my hoodie. As it got closer to my head, I held a rock up to it, let it get on, then moved it back down to my lap. I don’t know anything about caterpillars, so I didn’t want to touch it, just in case, haha. But it was very pretty, colorful and photogenic, so I grabbed a few photos.


This photo doesn’t show it’s whole body (about an inch and a quarter long), but I love it’s head and the little hairs wrapped around it. Also one of it’s four black antenna can be seen. At least I think they were antenna? Whatever they were, they were really neat and gave it such style along with it’s pretty yellow hair.

Photo made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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