Another Year Older at Tolmie State Park, Olympia, WA

Here we go again, migrating all posts back over to this adventure blog because my current web host’s prices have gone through the roof! I’m not dealing with their price gouging any longer.

Originally posted December 3, 2019.

Another circle around the sun completed. While our son slept in, my wife and I headed over to Tolmie State Park for a walk in the nice drizzly mid-November fall weather. We arrived to maybe one or two other cars in the parking lot. Not very crowded at all, a nice start to the day. High tide was happening, but starting to recede. The swampy area towards the lower parking lot was completely full of water, which we had never seen before.

We decided to walk along the forest path out to the Northwestern end of the park. Fall colors were pretty much done, as every leaf in the forest seemed to be on the ground. There were a handful of cute mushrooms scattered around, but a lot of them we figured were being covered by all the leaves. Still, a few colorful little shrooms were peaking out of the coverage enough to get some photos of.

A handful of big slugs were out crawling around as well. Out on adventures of their own of course. I didn’t grab any photos of them, but my wife did, check out her post and photos here. At the end of the path at the park boundary, there was a bit of sandy beach exposed that we could walk out onto. Looking East was grey and moody, which I like, so I got the photo above.

On the way back towards the car lot, we passed just a few people, still pretty empty an hour later. Before we got to the car park, we made a left turn and headed out over the foot bridge towards the rocky beach. The swampy area was drying out already as the tide headed out, back to it’s muddy state. The larger rocky beach area was completely empty now, what a nice quiet way to enjoy Tolmie State Park. While I roamed around looking for macro subjects, my wife was scouring the beach for interesting items.

I never really found anything interesting for macro photos, but the sound was looking moody and gloomy to the West. I really like how this photo turned out and I think it describes the nice and rainy fall day I was able to enjoy for my birthday.

After our walk around Tolmie, we spent a few hours rollerskating at Pattison’s West Skating Rink in Federal Way and then a nice birthday dinner at Vic’s Pizza in Olympia. It really was a nice way to end one year and start another. Thanks for coming along on my birthday adventure.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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