Evergreen College Trails, Olympia, WA

Here we go again, migrating all posts back over to this adventure blog because my current web host’s prices have gone through the roof! I’m not dealing with their price gouging any longer.

Originally posted December 9, 2019.

The weekend before the long Thanksgiving holiday saw us checking out some trails at Evergreen College in Olympia. We had only ever driven by this college once before, just to see where it was and what the campus looked like. It’s surrounded by forests, and has a nice network of trails that lead to Eld Inlet. We talked to the parking police to double check if we could park there without a permit, we could, so that was cool.

These trails seem to be pretty heavily used by students, local residents and joggers. As we walked along, we imagined there might be plenty of safety meetings and nude romps through this forest in the middle of the night. Well maybe not, but we’re thinking it’s probably the case. The guideposts and benches are all graffitied with words of wisdom, stickers and various doodles. The leaf litter was in full effect here, so looking for mushrooms wasn’t what I was paying attention to. Instead I was concentrating on the sun beams coming in to the forest and lighting up all the mossy tree branches.

People passed us here and there, but everyone was pretty quiet. We crossed a small stream and walked along a wooded path while wondering how people jog through here without falling on their butts. I guess you get used to running through muddy areas if you do it everyday. Most of the trees in this forest seem to have a majority of their branches and leaves towards their tops, and they all sway and bump into each other in the breeze. It’s really nice to watch and hear as a breeze picks up.

A handful of trees have some really peculiar branches and root shapes here. My wife got some shots of a few odd ones, check them out on her blog, here. We reached the end of one trail at a house by the water, which ended up being part of the college. What it was exactly, we don’t know. But the information sign by the parking spaces stated that one of the rules was ‘No Nudity’. See, there ARE nude romps through the woods at night, haha!

As we headed down the trail on the way back to the car, we passed more people of all ages. Everyone out enjoying a great day, a perfect way to spend part of the weekend. We’ll definitely be walking more of the trails at the college in the future. I’m sure in the spring time there will be plenty of mushrooms and chances for macro photo practice along those many trails.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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