Twin Peaks Day in North Bend, WA

TGIF everyone! Here’s a little blog post to kick off the weekend and leave you with a smile.

I got into the TV show Twin Peaks the first time it aired in the early 90’s. It was a crazy show that didn’t make a lot of sense to me at the time. What did make sense to me though in my teenage years, was Sherilyn Fenn’s character Audrey Horne was gorgeous! I was hooked. I’ve dug the show ever since and also really like the newer third season from a couple of years ago. And my wife, well she was a super fan from the start as well!

We even got our son to watch the original television show a few years back. He thought it was odd, but he thought it was cool as well.

So with that we started to really celebrate Twin Peaks day, held every February 24th, the day FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper arrived in to the town of Twin Peaks, Washington to investigate why a girl stumbled down the railroad tracks out of the mountains and then the murder of Laura Palmer.

“Diane, 7:30 am, February twenty-fourth. Entering town of Twin Peaks. Five miles south of the Canadian border, twelve miles west of the state line. Never seen so many trees in my life.”

FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper

We usually just buy a box of assorted donuts and have a cup of coffee to celebrate the day, and maybe go out for a piece of cherry pie after dinner. My wife’s photo above will give you an idea of our usual way of celebrating, check out her blog post here for more about our day in North Bend.

This year however, we are living in Washington and can do a bit more celebrating! Since we’re only about an hour away from North Bend, why not take our celebration of Twin Peaks right to the epicenter.

First stop of the day, after a donut breakfast, was Snoqualmie Falls. The famous waterfall was in the opening credits and cut scenes of the show. And the hotel there is supposed to be the Great Northern Lodge, where much of the show takes place. It’s so awesome to see, hear and feel the falls as you’re standing there taking it all in. Such a treasure to have in Washington. You can almost hear the show’s theme song playing in the air.

Stop number two was the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Station. Nowadays it’s a drift-racing track, but the building is still there and looks the same except for a grey and orange paint scheme. What’s cool is, there’s a sheriff’s truck out in the parking lot that you can take photos of, how neat is that?!

Right around the corner from the Sheriff’s Station is Ronette’s Bridge. You can walk the same path as Ronette did after partying a bit too hard with the likes of Laura Palmer and Bob. Just park along side the road to access the modern walking path over the bridge.

After the bridge, we drove by the high school, but the old school was being torn down and a modern high school now sits right beside the old location. By this time we all needed some fuel in our tummies, so we headed over to Twede’s Cafe in downtown North Bend for some lunch and cherry pie.

Tweed’s Cafe was of course the setting for the Double R Diner in the show. For the newer season three, the cafe was remodeled to look like the TV show, and it still has that same look currently. The food, while a bit pricey for us, was really tasty and the service excellent. And you know we had to have some cherry pie slices and a damn fine cup of coffee!

If you stop in to the cafe, make sure you go check out the hallway to the restrooms. The walls are covered with memorabilia from the TV show, including issues of Wrapped in Plastic and Blue Rose magazines.

After we stuffed ourselves at the cafe, we drove over to the turnout viewpoint from the opening credits of the show that displayed the Welcome to Twin Peaks sign. There’s no sign there but you can see that view of Mount Si in the background as the road turns a bit to the left.

After that we jumped back on the road home, ending the day’s festivities. Well sort of. For dinner we snuck in one last Twin Peaks themed thing. A pizza place in downtown Olympia called Wicked Pies serves up Twin Peaks named pies. So yeah pizza was had and, we may or may not have stopped at a local donut shop for one more donut for dessert, whoa, haha!

All in all a great Twin Peaks Day 2020 for the three of us. If you haven’t ever watched the show, give it a try. It’s David Lynch’s craziest yet coolest project ever for sure. There’s three seasons of TV show and one theatrical film. Plenty to check out and enjoy! And if you’re a fan already, leave a comment below and tell me all about your love for Twin Peaks.

All photos made with an iPhone 5s and Canon 5D

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