Mother’s Day in Olympia, WA

With Washington city, state and county parks opening back up a few days before Mother’s Day 2020, we couldn’t wait to get out into nature once again. While walking around the neighborhood for excerise is a normal thing for us, walking a trail or two every weekend was something we looked forward to after a week of work. We’ve missed it!

Tolmie State Park opens at 8am from Wednesday to Sunday. We planned on getting an early start and to get there at opening. It was a good call since there were only two other cars in the lot. We wanted to go straight to the shore, as it’s been two months since my wife has dipped her toes into the water.

After crossing the foot bridge, we headed East along the shore, since the other people there were headed West. It was so quiet and peaceful, and my wife walked straight into the water to get her feet wet. Spring had filled in the forest trees and the wildflowers were growing a lot. You could definitely tell the park had been closed for a while.

We noticed there were a handful of sailboats moored out in the cove. And we could hear the bark of a certain cute sea creature off in the distance.

I spotted the little guy above as I was walking along the rocky beach. I love the little bugs with this body type. They look like little knights in suits of armor. There were a few spiders lurking around as well, but I just can’t get into shooting them.

We noticed that a few of the logs and fallen trees that line the shore had moved around quite a bit since we were last there. I guess a storm or two in the last few months had moved them here and there. Lots of power in those waves for sure.

As we sat down on one of our favorite fallen tree stumps, we spotted a few hawks and crows going at it up in a tree. The hawks were making an unusual sound that was funny to hear.

Then unfortunately, we heard another sound. As we were sitting there, a few other people had arrived and were setting up their chairs here and there. One such group decided to start blasting there portable stereo. I’m not talking about a tableside volume for just their family to hear, I mean full on level 10 backyard-party volume. So lame and inconsiderate to everyone else at the park or soon to arrive. That’s all I’m gonna say about that, and that we left immediately for Burfoot Park.

Burfoot County Park ended up being a great place to go. We had only been at Tolmie for about an hour, so it was still early and Burfoot was pretty empty still. We parked and headed along the trail down to the shore. There weren’t any mushrooms to see, as the weather had been pretty dry and warm the last few weeks. But there were plenty of other things blooming along the trail, we even saw a pretty big slug crawling about.

The shore was nice and empty as the tide was headed back out to sea. Wild flowers were doing their thing all along the rocky beach.

Jenn found a whole handful of sea glass along the water while I stayed up near the plants looking for interesting things to take pictures of. All the while, peace and quiet was all we heard, with an occasional boat engine off in the distance. I spotted this neat rock formation along the rock jetty that raises a seating area above the beach.

And not too long after spotted these two below examples of the plant life cycle. One in full bloom of Spring and the other a piece of the past Fall still clinging on somehow. My wife told me what the pink flower was, but now I’ve completely forgotten, haha. It was super pretty that’s for sure.

These last few photos show things at or near their end. All still pretty interesting to me, especially all the cool textures involved. The twisted branch has so much character in it’s curves. Next, all the tiny holes in the log, I’m guessing from little creatures tunneling through it? And lastly the broken shell with all the dried up barnacles still holding on. All of it super interesting and fun to see.

The remainder of our time at Burfoot that day was as quiet as when we got there. The beach had a handful more people around, but everyone was mellow and looked to just be enjoying the quiet, and clear weather.

It was great to get out into nature again after a few months. The world’s still a hot mess, but this Mother’s Day adventure put us back into a better mood. Outdoors, in nature, is what everyBODY needs right now.

Check out Jenn’s blog, here, for more about our day at Tolmie and Burfoot parks.

All photos made with a Panasonic Lumix LX5

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